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Cynric Kenway

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Cynric Kenway Empty Cynric Kenway

Post by Cynric Kenway on Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:07 pm

Name: Cynric Kenway

Age: 3 years and 8 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Timber Wolf

Desired Rank: Whatever the Alphess Belle shall be willing to grant me

Element: Earth

Origin of Ability: Proxy

Cynric Kenway 14103663651_8bd8b271e1

Appearance: Cynric is rather a huge wolf, standing 94cm to the withers, measuring 135cm long and weighing around 130 lbs. Having descended from northern wolves that lived far from the equator of the planet, the climate was cold and so the wolves had adapted to be large and adorned with thick pelts. And so it is no surprise that he possesses these features, as they have been inherited through each successful generation of the Earth pack from the frozen north. Cynric has an imposing height and densely muscled frame, partly due to his training as a warrior of sorts but also because he was birthed of wolves with strong bloodlines, originating from an original pentaelemental of times long since forgotten. His fur being so soft and long it appears to be untamed and wild, sprouting out in fluffy tufts often in a disorderly fashion that may make him seem even more fearsome and large, possibly aided by the long, feathered tail that hangs from his rump and the big paws at the base of each of his four limbs. The brute has a ruff of fur almost like a mane around the cheeks of his furred face, making his muzzle look even broader than it is. Put simply, he looks like a typical rogue. In terms of the actual tones in his pelt, they are a mixture of ivory, pure white, greys, browns and tans; the lighter shades being predominantly on the underside of his figure and muzzle and the tan accentuating the backs of his ears, bridge of his muzzle and chest. Always, his posture is held high and tall, but not in a proud or dominant manner, simply as he is a conditioned fighter, protector and analyser. But he knows how to show levels of respect and submission when it is due. Below his chest fur there is a scar and uneven skin where the Jet stone of his proxy was inserted beneath his skin and a slight bump where it sits in the flesh. The eyes that provide him the ability to see his friends and foes are a medium shade of amber on bright sunlit days, but often during times of snow and rain when the vibrant colors of life fail to be known, so too does the color of his irises appear drained of their usual luminescence, becoming now a cold shade of grey with perhaps just a few faint tinges of the warm pigmentation that is otherwise present.

Personality: It is thought to be a combination of one's personal experiences and inherited characteristics that influences their individual personality, and as such this would perhaps explain why Cynric is a very, odd, brute. Every wolf is thought to be unique in this way, and this probably could not be demonstrated any better than with this male as an example. In all fairness, Cynric is not dangerous to anyone unless commanded to be, although he does not have the normal thought processes that a wolf would have, it would be fair to say he is mentally disturbed. In any situation, his mind is evaluating what ways he could manipulate the earth in order to kill if necessary. Though you must realise, he is not dark minded. Ever since he was weaned he had been trained to remove emotion from his very being so that he was able to kill without being emotionally affected by his actions, to become the ultimate warrior and protector of his pack. And so, though he may be called insane by some, this state of detachment from himself and from being sympathetic or empathetic to other wolves was in fact to preserve his sanity and protect himself from the burden of guilt. His likes and obsessions are most unconventional, finding beauty within death, believing it to be a great creation to sustain the balance in the world and ultimately end all suffering. He does not fear pain nor death but he does fear failure and being alone, odd as it may seem but he worries what would become of him or what he would do without company. It is plain to see he is an intelligent wolf. Others tend to fear and shun him, feeling uneasy with his calm, composed demeanour and knowing his strength and abilities are fatal. Another side to him, the part that would perhaps show through more if it had not been for his puphood, is protective, caring and loyal to those who are vulnerable or in control of the pack, and he listens religiously to everything his superiors have to say. This side of him holds affection for those he cares about even if it doesn't show. Something amusing about him is that he does not like being touched, closeness is uncomfortable for him. Also, he is very protective of his embedded stone that is his proxy and so it is understandable why he is uneasy and snappy with anything that nears his chest. It is likely that Cynric would be capable of loving, it would simply require the correct fae to provide the spark to set the pulse going and shine the light on his heart.

Up in the far north, in the land of tundra and icy glaciers, is where this brute's story begins. A large pack of Earth wolves reigned on the tundra side of the land and their allies, a Water pack, resided on the ice sheets where they could live and use their powers comfortably. At this time, the packs were happy and felt safe in the knowledge that the ice was not a fitting place for fire. But they were wrong. Soon they became aware of the opposing packs allied with Void: the two forces of Fire and Wind, planning to move up from their southernly territories and invade the north, for although they were mere wolves they were also created in the image of two of The Sages' elements, of which they were now allied with the greatest taker of the world. And so with all the taking they achieved, the greed for wanting more grew, to want to expand and take more land for their packs. But Earth and Water were the givers of life, ensuring the land they lived on in the cruel terrain of the north remained healthy. Alas, Spirit and Void can not coexist. It is with this fact as a basis that shaped how Cynric came to be, and how his life happened to pan out until this current day.

It would take a couple of years until 'The Great War of The North' would commence, the wolves could only move so far each day and the cold was an inhospitable place for the wolves with fire as their element. A lot of training and conditioning was in order for the fire pack to be successful in their attack, as they were the main force driving this battle. Wind followed Fire only because they were brothers in a sense, and if they did not befriend them it was certain Fire would attack them too. Their motto was 'it is better to be friends with the evil than to be subjected to it'.

As the northern packs of Water and Earth anticipated an attack from Fire and Wind they had no choice but to prepare themselves over the months they had to their advantage. It was inevitable, they had heard the rumours that the packs were moving north and taking everything as they went. Unfortunately they could not flee for they had nowhere to go. The snow and ice was their home, the land was sacred to them as it had been the birthplace of their ancestors. However, they were not strong enough as they were to face the opposition. They did not wish to fight though they had skilled warriors like any good pack, including the Kenway family in the Earth pack of which had descended from one of the early six pentaelementals, but their numbers were not great enough. Fire and Wind had gathered many from claiming expansive territories and being able to populate into great numbers, as well as taking hostages as they went. In their haste, Earth and Water had all their females mate with the strongest males and ones most skilled with their element in their respective packs. As a result, both packs had a dozen more pups than they were capable of rearing so the runts and those who did not progress quick enough in their first few weeks were left to die. It was a brutal time for both packs, but harsh decisions were needed during difficult times and in order to preserve the lives of the majority; more importantly of those they knew and loved. One of the litters was born of a fae named Allona and a brute named Neal, they were both strong and able to manipulate their element well, Neal belonging to the Kenway family related to the ancient pentaelemental. Of the four pups the second born was Cynric, he was the biggest of the litter. The smallest sibling, a fae, was indeed left to die, thus reducing the number to three brothers.

The pups had a brief but fairly happy puphood, playing and exploring as pups do, but soon being put into tests and training once they were weaned. They began with lessons to channel their powers to kill and revive plants and study their healing properties. Over time being made to manipulate living animals to kill each other or themselves, being conditioned all the while to feel no guilt or hesitation in doing so and to be made to partake in spars with each other so there would be no holding back for when they would one day apply the methods to a fellow wolf. Some did not have the elemental strength to do this, others were traumatised too much to know that they could bring death so easily. From this early age they were all tested to see which origin of their ability they had. For Cynric his voice and body movements had little effect, and drawing from his life force was too harmful to risk. Eventually one day he found a rough black stone, no bigger than his eye, by the river that was near to his birth den. He found he could channel his powers better through it and so a reed was tied around it and it was looped around his neck.

All their lives the pups were kept isolated from the rest of the pack, unable to form connections with their pack members or anyone but their mothers and each other, for they were meant to grow up to be inconsiderate of feelings for other wolves that would make them 'soft' and feel guilt over their death. However they were loved as much as any other children by their mothers and cherished from afar by their pack for they were their only hope at winning what was seeming to be a losing battle. At the age of six months all Earth pups were formally assessed for personality and elemental ability. Those with the weakest willpower and body or were simply not able to perform the death bringing powers as easily were split from the warriors and classed together as the healers; those would be the ones to manipulate plants and animals to be healthy, to study and learn to understand the living creatures so that they could be exploited for the wolves to use when any were injured in battle. They were the gentle, scared, or less physically capable souls, and Cynric's younger brother was one of them, meaning Cynric never saw him again as they were taken away to the alpine forest and meadows further south to be taught under one of the pack's Sage's. The rest, the ones who showed least remorse for when they fatally controlled other creatures, were grouped into the warriors and taught how to further harness their abilities to cause death and destruction. Cynric was amongst them, as he never so much as blinked when he made a kill. His conditioning as a pup had served him well, along with his temperament he inherited from his father. By this time the apprentices did not see their mothers or any wolf but each other and the sage that trained them, leaving Cynric and his remaining brother with only each other for solemn company.

At the age of one year and with his whole life's worth thus far of successful training behind him, it was time for the next step. Previously the sage had told him that he was 'average' and this drove the young brute to drive himself harder, spending long hours teaching himself away from the others alone in the tundra manipulating the bison bulls to attack him and training his body in this way. He learned to act and think fast and to read situations and instantly identify how he could get the upper paw. He also made his brother and other warriors spar with him, telling them not to hold anything back and neither did he. It took him three whole months of this until he was considered the best youngling in the pack, making the previous head male very jealous. The male demanded a spar and it lasted for so long that the two were getting exhausted. They seemed to be equally matched. In a malicious attempt to win, the other brute lunged for the reed loop that kept Cynric's proxy around his neck despite it being foul-play to remove the other's ability to use their element. As soon as Cynric realised what he was doing the anger flashed in his eyes and his training completely took over. In a flash, the other male was dead on the ground. Nobody dared challenge Cynric for a serious spar again. After that spar Cynric realised how his proxy was his weakness, so he had the sage cut open the flesh on his chest and implant the jet stone there rather than it being a pendant. The pain hurt, but it healed eventually. That way his proxy could not be removed, not easily anyway, and he was dedicated for being able to be the best he could be.

At one and a half years old he and a few of the strongest apprentices made the trek across the tundra to the frozen plains of the Water pack. Here they spent the rest of the time until the war arrived training with the water wolves, collaborating their powers to cause avalanches. It was going to be their ultimate weapon, when the Earth pack pushed the enemy lines back towards the Water pack territory they would meet the wrath of the greatest warriors, who would use all their best efforts to destroy them with a huge downfall of land and ice. That was the plan at least. Several months after his second birthday was when the attack arrived. Cynric still resided at the Water territory, up on the side of a mountain slope. All was peaceful at the end of a long day's training, Cynric was staring quietly up at the evening sky when suddenly a cry came forth from one of the water pack's scouts that had been put into place in anticipation of the 'Great War of The North'. "I see fire!" howled the scout brute, and all warriors shot up to their paws and arranged themselves in their fleet as they had practiced doing. Cynric was on the front line now, everything in his life lead up to this moment. The fire could be seen coming closer over the frozen plains below but it was not a wildfire from the Fire wolves as expected, but rather Earth wolves from his home territory with their pelts burning, fleeing from the wrath of the evil chasing their heels behind. Eyes widened on all the wolves faces as they stared in disbelief and healers ran forth to treat them, using their powers of water to try and douse the flames. Amongst them Cynric spotted a brute dashing through the crowd to a fallen wolf desperately trying to save them. The healer was his younger brother, the who he had been separated from since they were six months old, and he realised the injured fae was his very own mother. But Cynric didn't have time to investigate or grow concerned, as he was ordered to focus his energy through his proxy stone and onto the earth. Others of Earth and Water did too until the ground shook upon the mountainside and a great mass of snow and earth surged and tumbled towards the battleground below. The ones who had caused it, including Cynric, were pulled down with the slumping of the snow and the last thing about the war that he can recall is that everything went black.

When he awoke again he was back in what remained of his birth pack territory, his own brother talking to him as he tended to his wounds. Apparently Cynric had been something of a hero, but he didn't remember it. The avalanche had worked to some extent, killing many of the opposition as well as their own allies and kin. But those who survived were still powerful warriors and they tried to melt the snow with all their heat, to separate the Earth wolves from returning to their territory and claiming the lands that way. Cynric had come to the rescue, using his knowledge of bison from playfighting with them in his younger days to manipulate a great stampede of bison to come charging from the plains, tossing only the Fire and Air wolves into the sky like playthings. He had also ploughed fearlessly into the fight, fighting tooth-to-tooth with the enemy without using his element in some cases. His younger brother owed his life to him, as he had been treating someone when some wolf came and attempted to set him on fire. His brother recited the moment with great excitement, describing Cynric having leapt some epic backflip over the billowing bullet of flame and tackled his brother out of the way. Their mother was dead already, their father was nowhere to be seen nor were the sages. Cynric was crowned the new alpha, the hero of the remaining Earth wolves and would take charge of the pack once he healed. Or that was what they wanted. But Cynric ordered them all to separate and find their own ways, join other packs. Their home was destroyed, but it could be salvaged using the Earth power. The issue was that many of the remaining pack wolves were the warriors created for the war, and hence they were all related as they had been bred from a select few of the best warriors in the previous generations. Brothers, half-brothers, sisters, half-sisters, either way if they were to reproduce the pups would be sickly and inbred. Cynric gave this as his reason for ending the pack, and they agreed. Once all who had been well enough to save and those who were too wounded had been killed to end their misery, the pack lands had been healed from their scorched state using the Earth wolves powers.

But the biggest reason why Cynric could not lead the pack was because he did not know how to nurture and be kind, only how to kill. He been raised and trained to destroy, and as such he was the Void of his pack, taking life whereas the others were capable of giving a part of them to make goodness and balance. As stated in the beginning, Spirit and Void cannot coexist peacefully. So the brute cast himself away as the rest of his pack had done, wandering and searching for some kind of purpose while he fought his own battle with personal demons.

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Example Post:
(Extract taken from my post on the old site- bearing in mind this does not resemble the Cynric on this site in any way. Hope you don't mind me using it as the example post.)

Bitter cold surrounded the male figure laid dead upon the frozen terrain. To any being that passed him, be it a wolf or indeed any soul that dare enter the Realm of Purgatory, the canine would seem to be resting, his appearance as peaceful as a dreaming child and absent of dislike to the chilling weather. Those would be the fools, the imbeciles, that think he be vulnerable and harmless as he laid lifeless in the open clearing of the forest. A wolf would likely move closer to attempt to wake him, not knowing what terrible consequences it would have if he happened to be reborn at that moment. They would be innocently or perhaps ignorantly unaware of the cogs beginning to roll and grind together in his cursed mind, laced and dripping with the lubricating poison that made them turn faster.

In his brain a reel of images and noises played, some from years earlier, others from just minutes before and everything in between. Fields. Father. Horses. Mother. Stables. Apples. Hilda. Nimue. Memories had such tremendous power to torture, to push their hosts to the limit of sanity and understanding. The noises grew louder, pounding of hooves, laughter, screaming, crying...the dropping and slicing of a guillotine. Then complete silence. Nothing but black.

A placid breeze flitted between the distant trees, gaining force as it furiously approached, forcefully blowing his pelt into disarray. At that sensation of touch too tender, his muscles contracted throughout his figure, his face now not calm but instead clenched in an angered manner. The casings that protected the world from knowing of his distorted self withdrew rapidly, revealing drastically constricted onyx irises. A great intake of breath accompanied the opening of his crazed eyes, his chest rising as he gasped for air to breathe life into this new body. He stared ahead, eyes unmoving and deviously fixated on some space within the darkness that stretched as far as his vision spanned. The chill did not disturb him as it coursed into his lungs and through his bloodstream with each inhale, for he had become exactly that in heart. Cold.

How did you find us?: I know both the creators of the site.

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Post by Alphess Belle on Thu May 08, 2014 4:31 pm

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