The sound eerie to your ear as your legs find you facing your destiny. Choose your element: Earth and Water follow to one side, while Fire and Air to another. Do you dare face the call of your power and join the ranks? Join Our War? Follow your heart young leader, follow the urge of power growing strong as your reach the borders. Do you dare answer the call from within?
What say you, Wanderer?
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Sentinel (3)
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Sentinel (3)
Beta Male & Female
Guardian Male & Female
Elite Male & Female
Delta Male & Female



Year One. Spring.
Spring has sprung as Albion in now in full swing, the land warm and inviting on either end of the spectrum. Both packs are seeking new members as they remark their borders in hope that those passing by will land themselves inside. The grass is a vibrant green as it grows wild in the thickets, the waters now race along it's banks no longer frozen in time, and the prey that was once scare in the cold has now come back to the land to feed the hungry mouths of the wolves. With clear skies above keep your eyes open to for the Aurora Borealis which touches Albion with grace.
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Elements: Powers and Abilities

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Elements: Powers and Abilities Empty Elements: Powers and Abilities

Post by The Cultivator on Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:28 pm

*Please Note:*
When you're creating your character and you choose your Element, you may only choose one element and it's abilities. However, if you choose, you do not have to pick and element. You can be of Normal Blood, this is someone who doesn't posses any powers or abilities.
Elements are Predetermined. Water and Earth: Caimath. Fire and Air: Kaura.
Earth, Fire, Water, Air.
Spirit and Void are NOT available at this time, only for a Sage.
Extra Abilities: Come at a Cost. See (insert link here) The Black Market for more details.

Earth Element:
Most powerful in the Summer Months of June, July and August.
Power of Nature:
--Manipulation of Plant and Animals
--Life and Death of Plants
--Ability to understand Plants and Animals
Power of Natural Disaster:
--Avalanche (Water)
--Mudslide (Water)
--Drought (Fire, Air)
[Extra Earth Abilities]:
-- Pestilence
-- Density of Earth
-- Photosynthesis
-- Earthen Armor

Fire Element:
Most Powerful in the Autumn Months of September, October, and November.
Power of Heat:
--Manipulation of Natural Fuel and Fire
--Ability to Burn Victims
--Ability to Melt Objects
Power of Natural Disasters:
--Volcanic Eruption
--Drought (Earth, Air)
--Heat Waves
--Wild Fires (Air)
[Extra Fire Abilities]:
--Heat Manipulation
--Ignikinesis (lava/magma control)
-- Fire Fur (Armor)

Water Element:
Most powerful in the Winter Months of December, January, and February.
Power of Water:
Power of Natural Disasters:
--Hailstorm (Air)
--Hurricane (Air)
--Typhoon (Air)
[Extra Water Abilities]:
--Water Walking
--Ice Generation
--Cloud/Fog Formation
-- Water Form

Air Element:
Most powerful in the Spring Months of March, April, and May.
Power of Air:
--Manipulation of Air Intensity, Breeze v. Gust,
--Manipulation of Sound
--Manipulation of Atmosphere Air Pressure
Power of Natural Disasters:
--Sandstorm (Earth)
--Hurricane (Water)
--Drought (Earth, Fire)
--Hailstorm (Water)
--Typhoon (Water)
--Wild Fire (Fire)
[Extra Air Abilities]:
--Cutting with Air
--Scent Manipulation
--Creating Vacuums
--Gaseous Form

Spirit Element:
Most powerful Full moon, Blue Moon, Equinox, and Solstice.
Power of Spirit:
--Astro Projection
--Dream Walking
--Life and Death
Power of Natural Disasters:
--Solar Flare
Psychic Abilities:
--Bilocation (Two Places at Once)
--Transvection (Ability to Fly)

Void Element:
Most Powerful on Solstice, Equinox, New Moon’s, and Red Moon.
Power of Void:
--The Ability to Make This Disappear, For Good.
--Take Away Life.
--The ability to Drain but not feed from.
Natural Disasters:
-- Eclipse
-- Miniature Black Hole
Psychic Abilities:
--Bilocation (Two Places at Once)
--Transvection (Ability to Fly)

>> A Pentaelemental: A Wolf with the ability to control 5 out of 6 Elements. Either being White Magic, Spirit or Black Magic, Void. The ability to control all Powers and Ablities their Element contains. This power can be bought in the Black Market or blessed upon by an Alpha.
>> A Sage: A Wolf with the ability to control their entire Element. This is also known as a Sentinel, there are 3 in each pack.

*An Element located within (HERE) is known as a Bond. If Wolf A is a Fire Element and Wolf B is an Air Element, they have the ability to work together to create a Wild Fire. Fire and Air CAN NOT Bond with Water and Earth unless in Neutral Lands. Fire and Air: Yes. Earth and Water: Yes.
*Also, please note, that anything with (Element) is off limits until you are capable of controlling such.
Example: Ryne is an Earth Element. Starting off, she has Power of Nature and only Two Natural Disasters.
If you are unsure of what you're allow, please ask.


Chi- By drawing off your own life force, you are using magic at the expense of your very life. Everyone has a limit to how much energy they can use in one day, but with Chi, you can push yourself, not, however, without consequences. By using your own Life energies, you risk causing yourself spontaneous injuries that vary from wolf to wolf. Be weary of how much of your own life you put into your element, for while you continue to spend your own energies, you are also losing them, and cannot regain unless replenished through daily activities such as eating, drinking, etc.

Physical- Your own movements are your power and you must distinguish in your own mind what are your movements of power. Simple Gestures and Movements can cause your elements to spark, while one build more power with more elaborate a gesture. Be warned, for others can interrupt your gestures, which could cause adverse or unwanted affects from your element. If you lose a limb or are too injured to use gestures, you risk being unable to use your element.

Proxy- Using an object, something familiar that perhaps you identify with, you can channel your elemental powers. For example, one with a love of nature could dry and wrap a vine around their neck, making them able to channel their earth magic through the vines. But if any harm comes to their proxy, their elements become erratic even to the caster, perhaps even causing harm. A wolf can have only one proxy at a time, such that if they lose a current proxy, they must seek another which they can focus their magics through.

Vocal- Dream of terrorizing your foes with a scream of fire, a song of storms, a howl to shatter earth, or merely a sound to cast a gust of wind? While all of these can be accomplished, they must be spoken in some way. The intensity of the spell comes from either the volume of the sound or repetition of a word or phrase. While others will be able to identify the caster easier, it takes more effort to disarm a voice. Note that even the voice has limits, and a sore throat might spell a bad day for any elemental.

Quartabilitator: A Quartabilitator is a term solely used by Pentaelementals. Quartabilitator means that you have the ability to control all four usages for your elements. This term is only used for and by pentaelemental, for they have many elements in which they control and there is no said way to manipulate your element. This can be bought, but beware, such powers can cause a wolf harm inside and out.
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