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Alpha Marthinick of Kaura

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Alpha Marthinick of Kaura Empty Alpha Marthinick of Kaura

Post by Alpha Marthinick on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:21 pm

Name: Marthinick Arkenstone

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Breed: Hudson Bay Wolf

Desired Rank: Alpha of Kaura

Element:Void Pentaelemental

Origin of Ability:Quartabilitator.

Alpha Marthinick of Kaura Hanau10Water5


His appearance is daunting, that of both a colossus and a lion. He is maned, thickly pelted with thin sand-blasted fur that reaches out in tufts that darken along his back to his tale and upon his joints. There is a break in the color of his fur however, something akin to the style of a tattoo that crests his back upon the tips of his fur in a half circle that bleeds  down further his back and fades. This odd coloration is not striking as it is faded, but pronounced by the starkness of his hide. Marthinick is muscular and tall, normally towering over those literally below him. 4”6 long, 3” tall and about 120 pounds, He will say this weight comes from both his meat and fur, but emphasize the muscle.

However, this is no angel, and he will never pretend such a title, mainly due to his lack of hygiene. Both making his scent more potent yet masked, Marthinick hardly ever grooms his fur to save on both energy, saliva and precious water, making it matted in some areas, tinting most of his face the color of red earth dirt. While in the guise of this monster, His scent is both that of an Alpha and mud, perhaps his attempt to trick those of Caimath that he is an Earth Elemental?

Any expression he makes, and he does produce many, trails the thin black lines of his bottom lip, always seemingly exposed. His eyes are a muddy green though when struck appropriately by light, dim or not, one might see the gold summer that once danced in his eyes. The only distinguishing mark on him are some scars on his back where his skin is bare from what seems to look like claws dug in and dragged on his flesh. He claims it is from a bear, which is only half true.

Personality: Marthinick is a volatile soul, bound to his pride, his pack, flock, like a shepherd to sheep, and he takes this bind very seriously. Such is one of his main defining characteristics, others simply being labels others give him: a character, an asshole, opinionated, sarcastic, honest, blunt, and true to himself. That much could be true at any given time; from there his personality becomes capricious and somewhat unpredictable, and might be referred to as 'versions of himself' or 'modes'. This does not make him insane but acutely aware of himself, (his being, his emotions, etc.) and therefore something he can control. Due to this, he is perpetually tense and cannot recede control.

As an bred leader, or a wolf bred to lead, Marthinick can come off as, to put in bluntly, a hardass. To put it kindly, standoffish, perhaps. To allay any initial fears, no he is not so cliche to have a sensitive core or be so lacking in one. He has one, and handles it just fine, but born in a war where he had Sages to look up to and a father who seemed disappointed in him hardly helped. He had to develop a uncompromising exterior, attaching himself to nothing.

Early on, he learned not to submit to that of a loner's life, but to come one step ahead, for he had the Charisma those could rally behind, the serpentine quality that attracted the dangerous, and the daring wreck of an anti-hero. Such he fashioned when he became alone, allowing conversations with himself to arise easily, as per habit.

"I make great company, don't I Mal? Oh yes, of course I do."

Marthinick is cursed with a genuinely dark humor--a grim mockery of reality, ruthless sarcasm and his grande opinions. But in action, he is that of a performer. Almost theatrical in his conduct with his swaying, bouncing, fainting, etc., he crafts each conversation innovativly, though rarely through genius for he knows the game, and he doesn't look to win, but defeat. Conversation is his fix, and he knows just how to cure the masses of their addiction.

To much of his own surprise, Marthinick is a good listener when he is not running off his gob. While he cannot remember everything in exact detail, his sincerity and relative intuition of behavior allowed for nearly unbiased advice concerning whatever affairs.
Now to the less general or less known conduct;

Evil does not surprise Marthinick, for he actually considers himself evil. If he had his way he would kill all the evils of this world to only let the good live. Though it still has the power to cause great fear in him, he is level-headed, clinical in assessment. He never turns a blind side to his friends, his crew, even though he might have an odd way of helping them learn. While all other rationality points elsewhere, He is no idiot; he is indeed clever, held back by nothing except the family that falls under him-whether for a family for for a burrow. They are his charged and when they or anything else he firmly believes in is threatened,he does not fight to play; he fights to survive--to pull the throat from his victim’s neck, gouge out the eyes, snap off the toes and murder any trace of evil against him.

His eyes leered at the evening sun, his smile wilting faster than betrayed hope. “And here, I hope that I’m wrong; good dogs don’t go to war; a good dog prevents war--but because that’s impossible, he becomes war; and then, he is just a dog.”

There is hardly any gold left in his heart, the ability to love not dead within her, but diminished to smoke and mirrors. Fightuing tooth and claw, he demands that he is a criminal, a pirate, a vagabond elite to surefooted for exile. While his pride keeps him from admitting that he has a good side, he silently performs kindness. It is rare to see him do such outright, but he shows it subtly, past the competitive, childish pride.

History: He first awoke to the licks of a mother he did not know the face of. Such were first memories, blind to all and so receptive to touch. Touch meant everything. Which is why when claws raked against his newborn flesh, branded with three claw marks against his back. The first sound he ever made was a scream. Such is the beginning of void.

"You learn to take before you can give; learn to survive before you can live.--Learn to break hearts, but then you'll never learn how to love."

The day the heirs were born, no howls rang, but a wind storm raged  and gusts spilled from their breast in a cacophony of dance and song from the Air Elementals. The heirs were kept a secret. As the winds died down... six siblings were revealed to the world of Kaura and already, one would rule over them all, and this agrivated the father greatly. As the pups grew, maturing, their lives were already regimented, their powers molded and shaped, and their minds sharpened. they were not allowed play in the normal sense where the laughter of pups might fill the air. No. Their plays were their pranks, their missteps after they had been punished and left to talk about the experience they just had, all unique, but all too familiar.

Slowly, the Pentaelemental emerged and, Marthinick was not the first choice of a ruler, as his attitude matched that of his father's. The father was cruel, unforgiving, uncompromising, brutal and all feared him. Hardly anyone respected him. To him, the next Pentaelemental was a challenge to his rule, a threat, and the poor concubine who bore the children was cast off, with her pups, Marthinick included.

They were barely six months old are amidst the forbidden barrens they wandered, their poor mother suffering from the birth of such a large little, weak and fatigued still, and moreover, the guilt of having displeased her alpha. Marthinick watched her slowly fade, until all but her spirit remained, departed from a pale carcass. His five other siblings attempted to make a name for themselves, each one competing with the other, slowly training themselves, and as siblings can be harder on each other than adults might be, they literally tortured themselves to get better, some sitting out to watch. Marthinick got the worst of these dealings for he was apparently more entitled for respect as he had more power than any of them.

Pained, ostracized, and generally hated for his ability to only take, he was left mainly on his own except for the "brave" few siblings that "took up the courage" to talk to him.

"They couldn't see anything except their father in me. And if they thought I was dangerous then... Hell. Maybe I was."

Marthinick departed from his band of siblings at a year and a half's age, wondering what had happened to Kaura, and yearning to return. The journey took little time, but entrance was not so easily granted. A plague took hold of the pack, something fashioned out of spite. Permitted to enter into his father's den with several medics, sick themselves, trying desperately to find a cure, we looked upon a gaunt figure of what use to be a dominating foe, laying lamely. While there to make amends with his father on what seemed to be the day of his death, the father spat on his face, his last words twisting a bite in his gut. "I... Will Always be... Emperor.". his father lived on for a week more, 'refusing to die' on account of an heir's return.

He mysteriously passed in the night, body evicted from his den, several dead carcasses of Medic's around him. Many of the wolves then abandoned Kaura, Marthinick's rule beginning with a paw step into a bloody rule. He neither knows of his sibling's whereabouts or has seen them since he left.

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Alpha Marthinick of Kaura Empty Re: Alpha Marthinick of Kaura

Post by The Cultivator on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:56 pm

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