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A New Beginning

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A New Beginning Empty A New Beginning

Post by Achak on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:59 am

A large figure moved carefully upon the ice, his broad paws taking cautious steps, feeling the stability of the thickness before resting his whole weight on it. It was winter in these lands, freezing everything and coating all objects with a layer of snow and frost. He leaped, landing on solid ground, a crunching noise erupting from beneath him as he landed on some hardened foliage. It seemed as though this was a marsh of sorts, but the solid water gave a different feel to it. Silently, he thanked his mother and father for giving him the genetics of a thick coat and continued on until he reached the edge of the ground once more. He stopped, gazing out across the frozen liquid, letting himself stand there.

This season was when his kind was most powerful; water. The wolves with abilities had four different ways of restraining such things, as he had heard of. Chi, Physical, Proxy, and Vocal. All had their advantages, as well as downfalls. Chi was taking power from a wolf’s self to control their element, physical requiring gestures to control it, proxy requiring an object to use such powers, and vocal requiring one’s voice. Achak was retained by Chi, though he couldn’t say he wanted anything different. Despite becoming weak after using his powers, he knew that he wouldn’t have to use it so many times that it would kill him. He had mastered his skills so well that he had grown a resistance to becoming weak in short periods of time whilst using it. However, there wasn’t many times he would have to use it.

His mind was brought back to the present with a rustling of something behind him. He whipped around, finding nothing but the plants around his feet swaying in the breeze, causing noises. He gave a small chuckle, turning back to gaze at the beautiful sight, thinking there could be nothing more attractive than it. The sun had disappeared behind the horizon, leaving a few rays of light before they evaporated, too. As he lowered his haunches to the ground, a smile played upon his maw, a comfortable feeling in his body. He had no worry in the world at that moment. Soon, new lights began to dance in the air, rays that looked like serpents. He stared in awe, wishing to never leave the amazing scene.

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A New Beginning Empty Re: A New Beginning

Post by Elite Taala on Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:47 am

Taala had been freed for the remainder of the day and her first task had been to create herself a den. She spent hours selecting different areas of Nottingham Glade that might make an appropriate den site. Each she would weigh up for their positives and negatives. Proximity to the Alphess' den. Vantage point. Accessibility to the beach. Shelter. She had been torn between two, so perfect it was a difficult choice, but light was fading fast and she needed to work quickly.

Her elemental attachment being such drove her to choose a den situated much closer to the rolling waves. Making her way down and across, she inspected the second site once more to find the little cave more than adequate. It was the closest home to the Alphess' den and also had the added bonus of its mouth being a few sandy steps from the waters edge. It was too perfect. The Delta chose to spend the night and assess its safety.

Before she could become settled to watch the Aurora Borealis, she wouldn't feel right if she didn't patrol the borders as was her duty. Ribbons of light shone overhead, guiding her way. She scent marked each place she made her way through, ensuring the strength of their claim on the territory. Just past the borders she caught the scent of another wolf. Male. It made her hackles raise. She was yet to make her assessment of the Alphess' brother Benji, but one meeting wouldn't change everything she had seen.

She didn't feel a male deserved the respect of announcing her presence. She trotted forward through the bushes, adopting an assured, almost cocky, facade. Stepping deliberately through the undergrowth brought her face to face with a sable male watching the colourful sky above. She stopped, observing him for a moment. Perhaps... but no. All males were killers at heart. You couldn't trust them. She took another step, clearing her throat before she spoke. "Who are you, wanderer? And why have you come to these lands?" The white knight stood tall and proud in the cool night air, awaiting if the male would dare answer.
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