The sound eerie to your ear as your legs find you facing your destiny. Choose your element: Earth and Water follow to one side, while Fire and Air to another. Do you dare face the call of your power and join the ranks? Join Our War? Follow your heart young leader, follow the urge of power growing strong as your reach the borders. Do you dare answer the call from within?
What say you, Wanderer?
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Sentinel (3)
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Year One. Spring.
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Achak Empty Achak

Post by Achak on Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:30 pm


Age:Three years


Breed:Gray Wolf

Desired Rank:The highest rank you see fit for me


Origin of Ability:Chi


Appearance:This male is multi-colored, much like all Gray Wolves. His pelt consists of whites, blacks and tans that mix together to make him look quite handsome. His eyes are light green that have a captivating look to them. He is tall with broad shoulders and a large body.

Personality: He has a kind, yet strong personality. He has the leader quality, but is always willing to be submissive to his leaders. He is quiet and observing, always thinking before he speaks. His mind is constantly wandering with possibilities of anything that would make a situation different, so he is very thoughtful on things, too. He isn’t too quick to judge too quickly or jump to conclusions, but when one gives him a bad impression, he gives few them chances to redeem their selves. Having his guard up is a huge priority in fear that if he lets it down, even for a split second, it could cost him.

History:This male had quite a normal life, born to two 'unimportant' wolves in a pack along with a sister. He was a regular wolf with a regular pack. He and his sister would play around constantly, being the little adventurers they were. They would explore all throughout their pack's territory, though they never dared venture out of it. Their Alpha was quite strict and was willing to punish those who disobeyed the rules placed upon them. Many creatures were afraid of their leader, but he wasn't a tyrant; just someone who believed in enforcing the rules. He had never known about his powers until he was one, but this was all considered normal in his pack. They taught him how to use it, and said he was able to use his water powers by something called Chi. This meant that he took some of himself to make his skills work. Once he was able to use it with much ease, despite how tired it made him, he was the best in his pack.

After two years, Achak had grown tired of the pack that he was born into, and his sister agreed. One night, they slipped out of the pack silently. They ran until the sun began to rise over the horizon. They decided to split up, claiming they would meet again one day. The embraced one last time before traveling in different directions. The brute told himself to not look back and he had to force his paws to step, one in front of the other. He had no idea where he was going, or where he was. It wasn't until he could smell the scent of others that he decided he would settle down amongst these wolves if they accepted him.

Joining Keys:Removed. -Alphess Belle

Example Post: It was too perfect. Her life seemed to good to be true. Her paws guided her blindly, her mind in a daze. She had met the Gamma named Gabriel and he was all she could think about. His soft white fur, his deep blue eyes, his forest smell. He was on her mind and she couldn't get out of his grasp - not like she wanted to, anyways. Of course, they had to part, but that would not mean forever. She would see him again, soon. In the mean time, she had decided to get fresh air and just let her mind dwell on the Tundra wolf.

Her legs carried her up the steep, rocky incline, the wind whipping at her fur. She didn't mind the altitude like she usually did. She had always been afraid of heights, but she felt like she could do anything. Her eyes were trained on a figure that sat upon the ground at the top and she tilted her head, her ascent unceasing. It was an odd shaped tree. Was the light making it seem as black as the night sky? She squinted her ice blue hues, bemusement suddenly filling her. She moved closer and was hit with surprise. It was not a tree that was perched on the fjord. It was a wolf. Where slight fear should have filled her, a slight curiosity replaced such things. She examined it, edging closer and closer. It was a large ebony male, his attention not trained on her. Could he even hear her paw steps over the wind? She sat down, a few feet from him, waiting to see if he would noticed her. (Take from Incandescence.)

How did you find us?:I am Amoux/Enelya from Incandescence. Fever/Abraham referred me.

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Achak Empty Re: Achak

Post by Alphess Belle on Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:34 pm

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