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Post by Lady Flix on Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:15 pm


Age:3 Years

Gender: Female

Breed:European Timber Wolf

Desired Rank:Lady for now, though I am hoping for a high-ranking position if she can prove herself to be worthy of one.


Origin of Ability:Chi

Photo: Flix FlixReference_zps8eae45c4

Appearance:Overall, her appearance is rather average for her species. She is a young and attractive female, though she has toned muscles, she is fairly slender and agile. She would not easily be described as bulky and brawny, though she does have speed and agility on her side. Her fur is thick and well taken care of, something that she prides herself in regardless of the situation. Her muzzle is thin and her face small, with dark coloring above each cheek and light coloring on her cheeks and under her chin. The dark gray curves slightly over her eyes and blends into a brown that mixes with the dark slightly until it goes over her head and down her back, making her coloring speckled and scattered all the way down to the tip of her tail where it darkens once more. As you move from her back down her body, the coloring gets progressively lighter. Her eyes are a soft brownish-orange color, and often give away her emotions in almost every situation. That is, if she is not working hard to conceal them. ((See photo for more detail))

Personality: Flix is a complicated female. She has a tendency to be rather sensitive and touchy, and she is not a stranger to outbursts of frustration and anger. She also has a very hard time trusting others. She does all she can to distance herself from those that she does not trust fully and completely, which is a very small few wolves. She is a very quick-thinker, and she has a habit of analyzing everything that happens around her, whether it affects her or not. She keeps her emotions carefully guarded most of the time - other than when she has her outbursts, of course. Her movements are carefully calculated and her mind never stops, keeping her on edge and alert almost all of the time. When she is not around others, she is typically training herself to better use her ability and harness her Chi without rendering herself completely helpless.

She is rather obsessed with improving herself, not to mention those around her. She does all she can do for anyone that she calls a friend, and if she were to swear loyalty to a pack, she would die defending each and every member. Obviously there has been no need for her to go so far, but she has always been ready to do so. After leaving her birth pack, she never quite found another pack worthy of her loyalty and dedication, so she remained on her own. This period of time was when she did most of her training, doing anything and everything to improve her skills and her power over her ability. After a while on her own, it became a sort-of obsession. She also built up a harder shell, making it nearly impossible for anyone to get close to her. Some would say it was for her own safety and protection, but she found that being on her own was lonely and difficult and she had no choice but to harden herself to survive.

However, for those rare few that do get close to her, there is a different side to the young wolf. She has a huge heart, and she does everything she can to make those she cares about happy and keep them healthy and safe. She would put her life on the line for those that she loves, and though her friends are uncommon, she puts all of her self into them. There is nothing she would not do, though this sometimes does get her into some pretty tough situations. She has been burned before, so she is careful who she puts her trust into. She has lost before, so she is careful with how easily she gives her heart. Sometimes, though, she has no choice.

History: Flix grew up in an incredibly large pack in a large valley within the mountains. Prey was always plentiful and they lived a strong and typically un-disputed life in their territory. Unlike the typical wolf pack, her parents were not the only wolves to mate and produce a litter. The alpha pair allowed other couples to mate, like her parents, and their pack grew very quickly. She was born into a small litter, which surprisingly consisted of only females. Her mother had always been one of the more attractive females in their pack, therefore naturally, all of her daughters were very good-looking. However, this also made them very desirable to the other males in the pack. Their looks made their integration into the pack rather difficult. There were those that believed that females were next to useless other than to produce offspring.

On the other hand, there were those that wanted the females from her litter as their 'prize'. Flix had been born with a large heart, very sensitive and very caring. Unfortunately, her kindness and sweet personality made it rather easy to manipulate her. Something not only the males of the pack did, but also her sisters. As she became old enough to produce a litter of her own, her sisters had already paired off with mates suitable to themselves - as they had always been stronger than her when it came to personality - she was approached by the Beta male. He, of course, already had a mate that had produced two litters for him by this time. She, however, was not the wolf that caught his eye this season. It was Flix. The young wolf was innocent and knew nothing of the situation she was getting in to, so it was fairly easy for the male to seduce her and have his way. Something he also succeeded to do with his mate.

The next spring, she gave birth to a litter of three males and a female. Almost all of the pups looked like her, but one of the males was the spitting image of his father. As the pups grew, oblivious as to who their father was, the little male took on more and more of the Beta's appearance. Soon the fateful day came when the Beta female put everything together, and Flix was chased from the territory, forced to leave her pups behind. She never did find out if they survived, but every time she tried to find out, she was attacked by any pack member she came across. Finally she gave up and moved on, hoping to find another pack to call home.

Joining Keys:join keys removed -Marth

Example Post: Her patience was obvious as she retained her submissive posture, waiting for permission to relax or a demand for a further display of respect. As the other wolf approached, her ears twitched slightly, picking up the sounds of her paws crunching in the snow, the gentle rustle of the wind in her fur, the soft sighs of her breathing, even her muffled heartbeat, carefully calculating her speed and intention as she came closer. Nearby the sounds of the forest returned, as if their land's owner had created a comfort zone in which they were safe from a strange predator like the small female that now sat in front of the pack's leader. She was no threat to the small prey animals nearby, however, regardless of whatever threat they might see in her. After a few moments the female wolf before her told her to relax her posture, and she obeyed rather graciously. The bowed posture was not exactly difficult, but that did not make it any more comfortable than sitting normally. Plus, as she sat up straight and to her full height, it was much easier to observe and communicate with the wolf in front of her.

The next words to come out of the other's mouth were in part a hopeful comment, as well as a question of her heritage. As the words came to a close for the time being, the young loner let the silence surround them for a few moments, her ears twitching carefully as she let the question and comment process in her mind. It was only a few moments later that she opened her mouth to speak, her voice soft and gentle, but at the same time confident and determined. "I grew up in the mountains in a pack that belonged to my parents. I held the position of caregiver to generations later than my own." She said, looking up at the other female's face now as she addressed her in a relaxed and conversational manner, though at the same time, still managed to retain a respectful posture and demeanor. "When my brother took control of the pack was when I took my leave. All I can really say is that I did not agree with his aggressive and demanding leadership style." She said, doing her best to properly describe her reason for leaving as well as her position in her previous pack.

There was no sadness or anger in her words, for she held nothing against any of her family or the pack that she had grown up in. No, she had only left because she no longer found it a suitable home for herself and she refused to help raise the pack's future offspring to uphold the standards and morals laid down by her brutish and aggressive sibling. She carried no baggage from the past, only skills and knowledge, both things that she wished only to pass on to the next generation through care, training, and stories. She was not at all surprised by the Alphess's interest in her homeland and her past, for who would let a stranger enter their pack without first deciphering whether their baggage would hinder or harm the members that already called this place home? She knew that she would do the same, if she were to be in the position that the other held, though a high rank was never on the agenda for her.

The next question that was risen did not surprise her, either. Her response, however, was simple and short, straight to the point and honest. "I can hunt and provide for myself well enough, and my fighting skills are developed to a point that I can not only protect myself, but anyone in my care. I spent most of my life in my family's pack learning our pack's history and passing it on to our leader's pups through stories and lessons. First and foremost my passion and abilities are geared towards care and mentoring of young pups. I do not know if your pack is in need of a caregiver, and if not my hunting and fighting skills would still be suitable, though that would be the position that would request, if I may." She said softly, tilting her head as she spoke and watched the Alphess's face carefully for any sign of a reaction - good or bad. It seemed as if the other female were trying to put her at ease, something that was not at all necessary, but she said nothing in regards to the matter. It was nice to see a leader of a pack that was kind and gentle not only to their members, but also to respectful outsiders seeking a home within her borders. It was an uncommon trait, and the display of such behavior from the leader of the pack she had approached only made her more satisfied and pleased with her choice in pack.

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Post by Alpha Marthinick on Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:21 am

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