The sound eerie to your ear as your legs find you facing your destiny. Choose your element: Earth and Water follow to one side, while Fire and Air to another. Do you dare face the call of your power and join the ranks? Join Our War? Follow your heart young leader, follow the urge of power growing strong as your reach the borders. Do you dare answer the call from within?
What say you, Wanderer?
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Sentinel (3)
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Sell Your Soul: Black Market

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Sell Your Soul: Black Market Empty Sell Your Soul: Black Market

Post by The Cultivator on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:21 pm

Welcome Wanderer,

To the Black Market, here you can trade your soul for priceless merchandise.
*coughs* I mean your shillings for items that can not be found within Albion.

Do you dare browse my shop? Do you dare purchase from me? Fair warning, that the items located here are to be handled with caution. For I am always watching and should you misuse your items, they will be stripped from you.

Please note, that your purchases are final and money will not be refunded should you mistake my warning and not heed it as critcal advice.

Below you will find subsections for each Element, what can be purchased, and the cost of the item. Furthermore, I wish to tell you that other items can be located her, for small prices, but they are not items that last forever. Eventually, it all goes away.


Come, glance at my table and tell me what you're most interested in.

-- Pestilence: 250 Shillings
-- Density of Earth: 250 Shillings
-- Photosynthesis: 300 Shillings
-- Earthen Armor: 500 Shillings

--Heat Manipulation: 250 Shillings
--Ignikinesis (lava/magma control): 250 Shillings
--Combustion/explosions: 300 Shillings
-- Fire Fur (Armor): 500 Shillings

--Water Walking: 250 Shillings
--Ice Generation: 250 Shillings
--Cloud/Fog Formation: 300 Shillings
-- Water Form: 500 Shillings

--Cutting with Air: 250 Shillings
--Scent Manipulation: 250 Shillings
--Creating Vacuums: 300 Shillings
--Gaseous Form: 500 Shillings

--Shapeshifting: 1000 Shillings
--Accessories: 100 Shillings (Please Describe. Maximum Life of an Accessory is 60 Days.)
--Wings: 2000 Shillings
--Strange Eye Color/Pelt Marking: 850 Shillings

Do you see something that grabs your attention? Fill out my application below for review. You will be notified if you've recieved the item.

Your Name:
Other Characters:
Item Requested:
Price of Item:
How Item Will Be Used:
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