The sound eerie to your ear as your legs find you facing your destiny. Choose your element: Earth and Water follow to one side, while Fire and Air to another. Do you dare face the call of your power and join the ranks? Join Our War? Follow your heart young leader, follow the urge of power growing strong as your reach the borders. Do you dare answer the call from within?
What say you, Wanderer?
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Sentinel (3)
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Year One. Spring.
Spring has sprung as Albion in now in full swing, the land warm and inviting on either end of the spectrum. Both packs are seeking new members as they remark their borders in hope that those passing by will land themselves inside. The grass is a vibrant green as it grows wild in the thickets, the waters now race along it's banks no longer frozen in time, and the prey that was once scare in the cold has now come back to the land to feed the hungry mouths of the wolves. With clear skies above keep your eyes open to for the Aurora Borealis which touches Albion with grace.
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Abridged Lore of Albion

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Abridged Lore of Albion Empty Abridged Lore of Albion

Post by The Cultivator on Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:31 pm

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete Lore, and has been abridged for the sake of both Sanity and Time.

Concepts: Sages, Cultivator, Wolves, Elements, Creation, Unification vs. Separation.

Once there was an abandoned world. No one knows who owned it previously, but all evidence points to destruction or simple neglect.

The Cultivator found it. The Cultivator was a wandering Entity in the general form of a Wolf. It was followed by two companions--Void and Spirit. The Cultivator did not make these companions, but simply came into being with them, wherever they are from. Void and Spirit were also the first "Sages". Sages are extensions of the Cultivator's power, like tools, for six fingers attached to one palm.

The Cultivator created with his own power the other Sages accordingly--Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and helped their creator build up the world, making six (6) Sages in total.

Infighting occurred between Void and Sage, which started the initial conflict of this world. Being polar opposites, one who can only take and one who can only give, creating a world together became troublesome, and the Sages followed in their example, creating only more fighting. The Cultivator took control of the problem, finished the world-making project, and created the first wolves with no elemental power. They retreated behind the Heavens, but not before the wolves were giving one element to have fun.

When the other Sages and the Cultivator found out, The Cultivator decided it best to make things balanced and fair, and that all wolves should have the ability to learn an element. Wolves since then had only one element, and used it against one another in order to see who was more powerful. The Cultivator saw this, and decided to unify the elements to set the example for the mortals.

Unification, it was called. Unification was loved and hated for it meant the loss of individuality and completion. After the Cultivator absorbed the 4 other sages, he looked to Void and Spirit, who then knocked their companion away (causing the Sages to be knocked from The Cultivator, thus "reborn") and banished the Cultivator from the Heavens.

Alone, The Cultivator tried to unify the elements among mortals by giving a piece of himself to the wolves... but seemingly cursed, The Cultivator could only depart 5 elements--Making the Pentaelementals of either Void or Spirit.


The 6 Sages split. Water and Earth followed SPIRIT, while Fire and Air followed VOID. They descended upon Albion in an attempt to stay away from one another. However, they became involved in mortal affairs when they saw that some wolves now had control of 5 elements. Knowing this was the work of the Cultivator, the Sages took sides according to those whose elements allied with their own. These Alliances became known as Caimath(Spirit) and Kaura(Void)

However, the Pentaelementals powers waned with each generation, making wolves keep their elements but dwindle in power. The Sages thought that this meant that the Cultivator's spirit was fading. They did not know whether this boded well or not, for they didn't know a life without their maker. Afraid that once the powers diminished completely, they too would disappear, they struck a deal with the warring packs, offering a power boost.

The Alphas agreed, but the power boost only affected their children. Additionally, the Sages poured their entire power into the particular child, and disappeared. Some theorize that the sages depleted their whole power which came at the cost of their existence, others believe they are dormant until they recover. No one knows for sure, but the sages disappeared, and the children had indeed the powers of a Pentaelemental, but were only boosted in the elements that their allied sages could provide: Air, Fire, Void vs Water, Earth, Spirit.

Now the blessed pups have matured, and each preside over the only pack blessed by the sages, the one that did not disperse into the wilds, the one that survived the wars. Alphess Belle, Spirit, Water, and Air Elemental of Caimath and Alpha Marthinick, Fire, Air, and Void Elemental of Kaura call to you.


The story does not end here, for you have yet to add onto it. Are you a survivor of these wars, a deserter, a simple loner born amidst these hells? Who are you, Wanderer, and to whose call shall you send your howls?
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