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Sentinel (3)
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Year One. Spring.
Spring has sprung as Albion in now in full swing, the land warm and inviting on either end of the spectrum. Both packs are seeking new members as they remark their borders in hope that those passing by will land themselves inside. The grass is a vibrant green as it grows wild in the thickets, the waters now race along it's banks no longer frozen in time, and the prey that was once scare in the cold has now come back to the land to feed the hungry mouths of the wolves. With clear skies above keep your eyes open to for the Aurora Borealis which touches Albion with grace.
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Alphess Belle of Caimath

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Alphess Belle of Caimath Empty Alphess Belle of Caimath

Post by Alphess Belle on Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:16 pm


Age:Three Years

Gender: Female

Breed:Mexican Wolf.

Desired Rank:Alphess of Caimath

Element:Spirit Pentaelemental.

Origin of Ability:Quartabilitator


]Alphess Belle of Caimath Moskow10Alphess Belle of Caimath Wolf10

Appearance:Captivating, from the moment you glance upon her orbs located perfectly upon her brow, a tender expression is befitting to her as one eye of teal and one eye of sand look back at your caressing your soul. Long strands of soft fur accent her neck and breast and rise slightly upon her head and ear. Highlights of red hues of auburn, copper, and mahogany. Low-lights in more of a grey scale with white's and black's of multitudes of colors. Large dark ear sit promptly upon her head and firmly erect at all times, giving her a more youthful look to her already young face and posture. Speaking of, she is always standing tall as if she were regal and more like royalty to her pack but never stooping to such mannerisms. Just prim and proper in her gait and walk, firmly keeping her body sprite and able. For a brief moment, you would begin to question on whether she was old enough to run a pack or handle powers, but do not be fooled by such appearances for when she opens her mouth; words beyond her years slither out and strike you down for her tongue is witty and sharp. Do not misjudge her for although kind she is far more dangerous than what lies on the other side. Lithe in her frame she has an overall length of 3.9ft and stands at 25" to her shoulder, and she weighs 60lbs. Belle is no bigger than a German Shepherd, but her large paws and sharp jowls prove that there is plenty of wild coursing through her veins.
"Beauty does not define oneself, it is the cracks within your heart that do. For in the light we see inside, but in the dark it shows who shines the brightest."

Personality: Flip a coin, watch it coil, writhing in the air as it begins to descend deciding it's fate until it falls upon the ground. Heads or tails. However, with Belle, there is no calling the outcome. Generally, the fair young gal is calm and regal, poise and confident as a leader and Alphess of a pack. With eyes always watching and a heart always longing for the better of the world and of her pack. However, because of what she is there will always be a small void in her soul that is consumed by a fire and fanned by the breath of her white magic creator as she battles inside to control the gift she practically sold her soul for. On the other side of that coin lies venom and murder, a vicious and never ending cycle of abuse that could come you way. Never finding it in her bones to cause physical harm upon another living soul unless needed, she will find her way into the pit of your soul and run you over from the inside out. Using words before her precious powers. Yet, if you find that you are lying beneath her as she unleashes her talent, you should find yourself praying for redemption for when her titans are released there is no relinquishing them. Still, despite the danger that could lie within, wisdom and kindness surpass all when you find yourself in her grace. Belle not only young with a life to live but with many more to lead. Everyday she awakens with a smile ready to embrace the world and embrace her pack never once hesitating to fight for what was blessed upon her.

"You can not outrun insanity anymore that you can outrun your own shadow, learning to live with it all is acting your age and beyond."

History:Rain poured outside the den, water dripping down in a continuous stream that made a puddle upon the ground, and cried echoed from within the cave of distress and torture. As the rain poured steam rose from the hot ground, it sizzled and crackled as the cold water caressed the dying earth. Life was given a second chance as the god's graced Albion with new growth all around, whether it be mammal or plant. As the earth cooled, the warm ground provided strength and comfort as the wolves whom stood above anxiously awaited the arrival of the heir to the thrown. However, only time would tell, but it was a blessed start when a medic arrived and spoke word to the pack of three kin born to the Alpha. They rejoiced and praised to the cultivator for the blessing he had given them, it was strength in number, and loyalty in heart. Caimath celebrated that evening, howls rang out throughout the night, and the resounding happiness followed even as those three pup's grew.

Out of three, only one would become heir to the throne, and only one with the power would rule. It was simple for them to understand while they were young, not a care in the world, but each of them knew one day someone would become the successor to the pack. For a few short months, each of them were able to enjoy the precious life that would soon be taken from them, for training and daily regiments were to start at six months old. Each pup would then be separated by their element and forced to train daily with those like their kind, an apprentice to their trade. Knowledge being the number one importance to the pack, without the mind, one would fail. Second would come trials of powers, only being able to master three for your one element unless it was bestowed by a Sage or Alpha. Last, a young wolf would them bloom into their gifts of three and become a warrior or hunter in their field, helping train others and learning new things. All by using the power of mind and body. It was no easy feat but the Alphess survived.

For Belle it was a bit different, for upon her first birthday, she was graced with power that would separate her from all. Automatically making her the successor of the pack, for Belle was given the power of Penta, the great Sage. Thus meaning, Belle could control each element, plus one more: Spirit. At an early age, Belle knew that she was different from the rest, for she was able to see the dead of all, to use psychic powers against others, and could use her mind to bend the laws of reality. As she grew into the lifestyle of training everyday for long hours, the young apprentice knew that she must separate herself from the pack until she was able to rule. During this time, Belle trained in every element, learning every ability and power she could grasp, conquer, and obtain. Belle grew into a sprightly young Alphess and return with powers beyond her years. Working solely next to her parents, Belle learned how to rule her pack. To care for her pack. To love her pack, just like her parents. Once she was able to do it on her own, they cast her out on her own until her second year when she was to return. When she returned, all but one remained, her brother Benji.

For months now the Alphess has been carving her home from the freshly grown lands, the earth blooming, the springs damp and fresh to the pallet. Beside her, a brother of freedom, and a survivor of plague: Benji.

"I'd rather be infamous to a select few, than famous to all. God-like fame can only bring with it the desolation of an entire coven, but that coven you're infamous to can make you into a God. It's a vicious cycle."

Joining Keys:Removed. -The Cultivator.

Example Post: The Start of Something New <- Must read. Contains Important Information.

How did you find us?:Founder and Co-Creator of Albion.

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Post by The Cultivator on Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:30 am

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